Duplicate Image Finder

Use Duplicate Image Finder to remove duplicate photos and tidy up your image collections, freeing up valuable disk space in the process. With advanced AI algorithms, this tool compares photos and detects similarities just like a human would, ensuring a thorough and efficient cleanup of your photo library.

Duplicate Image Finder
Windows 11/10/8.1/8/7/Vista (32 & 64 Bit)
Duplicate Image Finder

How to Find Duplicate Photos and Eliminate Similar Images?

Duplicate images and repeating pictures in a photo library are a major nuisance. Certainly, they not only waste valuable disk space but also clutter your file system. In addition, they make it hard to find the photos that you are looking for and also slow down your applications and the entire system as it has to process extra unused files. Here you will find a complete guide on how to find duplicate images and delete duplicate photos. Also, you will be able to easily maintain a clean photo library and organize your images.

The Duplicate Image Finder app is the best for finding cloned photos and organizing your image files. It has so many features that you will never need another tool to manage your photo collection.

Find Duplicate Photos

Steps to Find and Remove Duplicate Images

Similar Photos

1. Add Folders

Open Duplicate Image Finder and drag folders in the app. Use the 'Add Folder' button to add network folders or external drives.

Rotated Photos

2. Scan for Duplicates & Similars

Select how similar the images should be in percentage. Run the scan and Duplicate Image Cleaner will look for duplicate and similar photos.

Flipped Photos

3. Delete Duplicate Images in a Click

Review the scan results and select the photos you want to delete or move. Use auto-mark option for automatic selection.

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Duplicate Image Finder
Windows 11/10/8.1/8/7/Vista (32 & 64 Bit)

What You Can Do With Duplicate Image Finder?

Do not hesitate and do not take our words for granted - download for free and run a scan on your photo library. You can easily see that Duplicate Image Finder performs way better than any competitor tool and that it has incomparably more features. In addition to that, you will be amazed that you have gigabytes of repeating images wasting your disk space.

Cloned Images Search Methods

Finding similar images is the main search mode, but there are extra modes for finding duplicate and similar pictures.

Duplicate Image Finder
Windows 11/10/8.1/8/7/Vista (32 & 64 Bit)

Duplicate Photo Cleaner Key Features

List of the most important options that a photo duplicates remover should implement in order to be able to handle most of the tasks.

Find Similar Images

Similar Images Search

Extremely fast and precise AI algorithm for finding duplicate and similar photos. Deep image analysis that compares actual image content rather than file names or properties.

Multiple Cloned Image Formats

Cloned Images Formats

Supporting multiple image formats is crucial for finding duplicate photos. Our app supports more than any other similar tool - 340 image formats including camera RAW and PhotoShop PSD.

Filter Duplicate Images

Filters & Options

You will find all the options that you need in order to organize your photos easily. You can include or exclude image types, set "source" folders to be preserved, view EXIF info, keep photos with the best quality and many more.

Delete duplicate images.

Move, Delete, Copy, Backup

Get rid of duplicate images easily or move them to a temporary location. You can also backup the duplicate images until you are sure that they are not needed.

Reverse Image Search

Image Search & Compare

There is a dedicated features for searching for similar images in your photo library using one or more sample photos. You can also compare two or more folders for duplicates.

Fast Image Search

Fast Performance

Comparing many images is a heavy task that can not be completed by simple applications. The duplicate image finder is tested with 1 million images and 3 terabytes of data.

How Duplicate Image Finder Works?

First, Duplicate Image Finder searches the folders, computers, or network locations that you have chosen and finds all the image files. You can exclude or include certain image types, locations, and file sizes in the filtering options. Then it analyzes and compares all those images by performing a deep AI (Artificial Intelligence) scan. It looks for similarities in the actual image content rather than comparing file properties like names or sizes.

That is the reason why common duplicate finders can not find similar images or images stored in different file formats. While standard duplicate file finders compare the file data, Duplicate Image Finder compares the actual image content. That is why a good tool for finding duplicate images should support as many as possible image formats.

Duplicate Image Finder will help you locate and remove duplicate images from your computer or storage devices. It employs advanced algorithms to identify identical or similar images, thereby allowing you to free up disk space and organize your image collections efficiently.

How Photos Are Stored And Why It's Difficult to Compare Them

If you are not very familiar with computers and digital photography you probably need a bit more information to understand this.

A digital photo consists of millions of very small dots in different colors named pixels. Those pixels form the picture that we see on the screen when we open an image file. The image files have different types and store those pixels in different ways and orders. In addition to that, they contain information about the dimensions of the image and may include meta-data like camera model, lens type, description, location, and other properties. The reason for this is that different image formats are suitable for different purposes. Some are good for cameras, others for the WEB or printing, there are types suitable for medical research, and so on. Some images are even compressed to take up less space. That is why the same image stored in different file formats has completely different data on the drive.

Why Common Duplicate Finders Fail to Find Duplicate Photos

If we look at a simple example, you can easily understand why common duplicate cleaners fail to find duplicate photos. For example, if you save the same photo in different file formats like sunset.jpg and sunset.png the stored file data will be completely different. That is why, when a duplicate finder starts to compare those files it will see that the data is different and will not detect that the content is the same. Duplicate finders do not load (decode) files - they simply compare their file data.

How Does Duplicate Image Finder Compare Images

On the contrary, Duplicate Image Finder detects that the file is an image and loads the file, decodes that data, and compares the image that it represents rather than comparing the file data which is different. It works in a completely different way than other duplicate finders.

Why There Are No Universal Duplicate Finders That Can Find Similar Files in Any Format

You are probably already wondering why duplicate finders don't just load files and compare their content. First, they should contain code for decoding all the file types in the world to do that, which is nearly impossible. Second, they have to implement algorithms for comparing all the file types in the world. And finally, reading, decoding, and comparing all those files will take ages to complete. That is why there are dedicated duplicate image finders and duplicate audio finders that work only on certain file types.

What Features Should a Good Duplicate Image Finder Have

Now you know how duplicate image finders work and you should understand what to look for when choosing one. Certainly the most important is the scan algorithm and precision. Some duplicate photo finders compare histograms, brightness, or colors. While that is fast, they do not detect all duplicate images or list totally different images as duplicates. Some of them compare image content, but they are very slow as such comparison requires very heavy computations and analysis. The second important feature is the performance. Even if a tool can detect similarities between two images very precisely, if it requires 10 minutes to do that it will take 1 year to compare thousands of images. And last but not least is the number of supported image formats. If a tool can not load certain file formats then it can not compare them and will totally skip them.

What is The Best Duplicate Image Finder

Duplicate Image Finder is a fine balance between precision and performance. It utilizes your CPU hardware acceleration and implements advanced algorithms in order to perform precise comparisons without compromising performance. In fact, it is so fast that it compares your images faster than they can be loaded from your storage. That is why it is the only tool that can compare millions of images in a reasonable time frame and provide precise results at the same time. To top that up, it supports all 40 popular image formats and more than 300 RAW photo camera formats.

Duplicate Image Finder
Windows 11/10/8.1/8/7/Vista (32 & 64 Bit)

Frequently Asked Questions

Finding duplicate photos is fully automated. All you need to do is:

  1. Add the folders that you want to search in the application
  2. Set how similar the images in the found groups should be in percent. Set 100% for exact duplicates and run the scan.
  3. Review the results and use the auto-mark options to select the duplicates. You can move, delete or backup the selected images.

Those are the simple 3 steps that you need to follow to automatically find duplicate photos.

If you want to find all duplicate photos then follow the instructions in the previous question. If you want to find duplicates of a single or several photos use the "Image Search" option the toolbar:

  1. Add the folders that you want to search in the folders list on the right or drag them in the application
  2. Click "Image Search" on the main toolbar
  3. Add the images that you want to find or drag them in the "Search for Images" window
  4. Click the search button to find all duplicate and similar images

In Windows, you can use the built-in File Explorer or Photos apps to remove duplicate photos.

  1. Run Windows File Explorer from the start menu or press WIN+E
  2. Go to the folder that you wish to check for duplicates
  3. In the search field type: kind:pictures
  4. In the View options or More options select "Large Icons" or "Extra large icons" so that you can see the images
  5. You can also sort the results by name or size by right-clicking on empty space and choosing "Sort by"

Now you have to manually inspect the images and select the ones that you want to delete. This is a simple free way to find duplicate images in Windows 11/10, but it might be difficult if you have thousands of images. If you want to find the duplicates automatically, then it is way easier to use the duplicate image finder.

Duplicate Image Finder will find duplicate images with different names and even different image formats. Bear in mind that even files with the same names do not always contain the same data. So using a dedicated tool for finding duplicates is your best option.

There are many duplicate finders on the market. First of all, the best duplicate photo finder should be able to provide accurate results. Then it should support the image formats that you want to search. The more image formats it supports the more duplicates it can find. Last but not least it should perform fast. While most clone cleaners will work fast on several hundred images, most of them either crash or a very slow while searching thousands of photos. Duplicate Image Finder will clean all your photos precisely and fast. You can review all results before deleting anything.

Yes. Our Duplicate Photo Cleaner is safe to install and use. It contains no adware, malware, or viruses. Nevertheless, not all duplicate search apps are safe. You should download from trustworthy websites like this one: Duplicate Image Finder

Also, you should always review the results if you are trying new applications. Many applications with fancy user interfaces seem to be legit but provide poor results.

Google Photos uses hashes to determine if files are unique or not. If you are uploading the same photos then they will have the same hash. Google Photos will compare the hashes of the images that you are trying to upload. If they are the same as the ones that are already on the server it will skip them. If you are uploading the same photos in different image formats then they will have different hashes. That is why, Google Photos will not be able to identify them as duplicates.

Overall Google Photos does not remove duplicate photos. You should use a dedicated Duplicate Image Finder to keep an organized photo collection.

After you have reviewed and selected the duplicate photos go to the "Delete, Move or Copy Files" panel. From the drop-down box select "Delete checked files" or "Delete checked files to Recycle Bin" and press the "Perform" button. If all the files in certain folders are deleted then they will be left empty. To remove those tick the "Delete empty folder" option before clicking the "Perform" button.

  • Saves disk space: By removing duplicate images, users can reclaim valuable storage space on their devices.
  • Organizes image collections: Duplicate Image Finder helps users tidy up their image libraries by eliminating unnecessary duplicates and making it easier to manage their collections.
  • Time-saving: Manually identifying and deleting duplicate images can be a time-consuming task. Duplicate Image Finder automates this process, saving users time and effort.
  • Improved performance: Having fewer duplicate images can lead to faster loading times and improved performance, especially for applications that rely heavily on image processing.

Yes, Repeating Photo Cleaner is designed with user-friendliness in mind. It typically features a simple and intuitive interface, allowing users to scan for duplicate images with just a few clicks. Additionally, most versions offer customization options to tailor the scanning process to individual preferences.

Yes, Duplicate Photo Deleter utilizes advanced algorithms to identify not only exact duplicates but also similar images with minor differences. This feature ensures thorough duplicate detection and gives users the option to manage both identical and similar images effectively.

Yes, Duplicate Image Fixer is usually compatible with a wide range of image file formats, including popular formats like JPEG, PNG, GIF, BMP, TIFF, and more. This versatility allows users to scan for duplicates across various types of image files on their systems.

Cloned Image Remover typically provides users with options to review and confirm duplicate images before taking any action. Users can choose to delete duplicates individually or in bulk, ensuring that no images are removed accidentally.

Yes, most versions of Image Finder offer the flexibility to scan external storage devices such as USB drives, external hard drives, and network drives. This feature allows users to identify and manage duplicate images stored on different storage mediums.

Yes, many versions of Duplicates Finder support batch processing, enabling users to scan large image libraries or multiple folders simultaneously. This feature streamlines the duplicate detection process, especially for users with extensive image collections.

While some basic versions of Duplicate Photos Remover may be available for free, more advanced features and functionalities may require a premium or paid subscription. Users can usually choose between free and paid versions based on their specific needs and preferences.

Yes, Cloned Image Finder is capable of efficiently scanning and managing large image collections, making it suitable for users with extensive photo libraries or professional photographers who need to manage thousands of images.

Yes, when removing duplicate images, Duplicate Image Finder ensures that the original image quality is preserved. Users can rest assured that their photos will not be compressed or altered during the duplicate removal process.

Yes, Photo Duplicate Remover analyzes the actual content of images, including pixel data and metadata, to identify duplicates. This ensures that duplicates are detected accurately, even if they have different file names or are stored in different locations.

Yes, Image Duplicate Finder is safe to use and does not pose any security risks to your computer or personal data. It is developed by reputable software companies and undergoes rigorous testing to ensure reliability and security.

Yes, many versions of Duplicate Image Finder support RAW image files commonly used by professional photographers and digital cameras. This allows users to identify and manage duplicates across all types of image files, including RAW formats.

Yes, Duplicate Photo Remover typically provides users with customizable scanning options, allowing them to specify criteria such as file size, file type, and scanning depth. This flexibility enables users to tailor the scanning process to their specific needs and preferences.

Yes, Duplicate Photo Cleaner can scan nested folders and subfolders to identify duplicates across an entire directory structure. This feature ensures comprehensive duplicate detection, even in complex folder hierarchies.

Yes, Duplicate Photo Finder is highly suitable for professional photographers, digital artists, and anyone else who works with large image collections. Its advanced features and efficient scanning capabilities make it an invaluable tool for managing and organizing digital assets.